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gtNAT (Nucleic Acid Transport Medium)

  • Cat. No. GTM12 (2 mL)
    Cat. No. GTM12 (2 mL)
  • Cat. No. GTM120 (20 mL)
    Cat. No. GTM120 (20 mL)


  • High stability: ambient transport and storage
  • Inactivation of infectious source
  • No lysis in nucleic acid extraction
  • Applicable in various volume and specimens
  • Unit 1box (100ea)
  • Storage 1 - 25℃
  • Expired date 18 months

This product is approved by the Korea Food and Drug Administration as a medical device (Class I) for IVD use to stably preserve and transport nucleic acids of various specimens in molecular testing. (No. 20-1253, 20202)